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    Ok so what i am bored at work so I need something to do.
    What does everybody do besides boating.Guys you can not reply checking out females or drinking beer
    Gals can not use shopping or spending the mans money

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    work.....spend time with the

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    work... boating , breaking in our new boat, been out 4 days on the weekend in the last month... finishing the remodel on our house... and work..... That is what life is all about (working and having fun) And dealing with the kids events

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    Winter time do the desert thing with the family (motorcycles), kids sports, and work. I try not to work on weekends I'm a contractor (I do have some of my men work on Saturday's). My philosphy is to do as much as you can as a family and keeping your kids involved like boating, dirt bike riding, camping etc. The good clean fun stuff and less chance of the other things like smoking, drugs don't come into play. (Hopefully) My kids 2 sons 8 & 11 and my daughter 14.

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    little rowe boat
    I work and I work.

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    Wife tells me we do to much sometimes, did a turn around trip to Vegas Yesterday, over night trips motorcycling and boating year round

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    just got back from riding quads and hangin' out near topok/needles. i love riding after a good rain while evrything is wet ,muddy and well packed

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    Peruse the internet for free porn.

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    Work on the house and the gardens (all the time).
    Ride our horses.
    We have direct access to the Folsom Lake horse trails and in the spring and fall (mostly) we take some long trail rides. We've encountered coyotes, deer, mountain lions, rattlesnakes and even bear once.
    Thinking about starting to ride the dirtbike again soon.
    Play with my GTO and even drive it once in a while.
    Fight with my idiot neighbors.

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