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    Hey OGSHOCKER my hats off to you my daughter is kindengarden and I work in her class every Friday and i have to tell you i would not give that up for the world.Cant say my ex enjoys it cause since we are divorced she has to work so she cant be there ha ha biotch.Hell all the kids call me Mr Jeff.well thats it for now

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    That is great SG.
    I can't tell you how good I felt after leaving the school. I am a business owner with 25 employees. Taking time away from my shop is not good for business however, it sure was good for my soul. I will be doing this more often. My wife works at the school as a room mom every wednesday and the Ice Cream mom on fridays. I must confess, I get a bit jealous at some of her stories.
    PS. Calling you Mr. Jeff is better than calling you Mr. Slapping Glass.

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    Good job MR. Jeff! I have participated in a couple fun things with my daughter at her Preschool...It's close to the office... Now every time I go pick her up at the end of the day, all the kids yell HANNAH YOUR DAD IS HERE! Kinda sucks because I sometimes pick her up early as a suprise... lol

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    It is a blast working in the kids classroom. Have fun Mr. Jeff. These times you will never get back.
    My kids school require parents to give at least 20 hours/yr of time to the school. My wife and I enjoy it, the kids think it is cool and (whispering) alot of the moms are way hot.
    My kids are in 4th & 6th now so I have been doing it for a few years now. I hope they remember it when they get older.

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