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Thread: marine radios on lake havasu

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    does anyone use or monitor vhf marine radios on lake havasu. If so which chanells? Just thinking it would be a great way to hook up with your buddies and get some info about the hot spots on the lake at a given time.

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    That sounds like a very good idea, if it is not already being done. What does everyone eles think?

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    Dr. Eagle
    The handhelds won't do you much good or should i say go very far, so you pretty much need a 25 watt VHF with a decent antenna to transmit/receive very far. Handhelds work pretty well line of site, but not much beyond that.
    I was thinking of putting one in the Ultra, but it seems a bit extreme for a 21 foot boat. I have two handhelds that work OK for boat to boat communicaitions like you might want in a poker run or something.

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    I have a cheapy 25 watt installed with a shakespeare short whip antenna. I must say that it came handy calling for a free coast guard auxillary tow when I blew a water line. I was about halfway between copper and parker and they towed me all the way back FREE!! I don't know if having a coast guard registered registration may have helped, cus I tried to give them a 20 spot for lunch and they refused it.... so I recommend it!!
    Channel 16 is the channel to use to hail the relay station for help, then they usually switch you to channel 98 or 99

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    Three Days Only
    They are great if you need to call vessel assist, other wise on Havasu it just a bunch of yahoos BSing back and forth. Get a portable with a portabe mag mount anntenna that will get you the distance to cover havasu on only 5 watts in an emergency. If your not worried about mounting an antenna on your boat you can get alot more distance with a standard mount system and antenna that will run up to 25 watts on high power.

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    Also doesn't hurt to carry a cell phone and a FRS radio. One of the three should get through to someone.

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