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Thread: golf cart lifts.

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    anybody know who makes this lift and/or where it can be bought?
    is it available for a yamaha

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    Tom Brown
    That bad boy will add a couple of strokes to your game.

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    Twisted Liquid

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    Budget Baller
    PM Tobtek, he is the golf cart guru

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    I tried buggies unlimited and could not find this lift kit?

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    Generally the A-arm lifts are custom jobbies, but I think Adam at wired for sound in Temecula is selling a kit for the Club Cars... Call him to find out if he has one for your model..

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    Originally posted by Tom Brown
    That bad boy will add a couple of strokes to your game.
    add or take away,
    I think you bring one of those, you want to hit it in the rough

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    These guys are in Arizona.
    West Coast Golf Carts (

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    pretty trick front end.

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