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Thread: How long Will The Bravo Last?

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    Sorry if this has been talked about before. I am wondering if my bravo will hold up behind my new blower motor? 509w/871 650-700hp. 1.36 gears 24' straight v. Have not tested for the right prop yet, but looks like very high 20s range.
    I plan to baby it out of the hole and ease into acceleration. As long as self control is still in control.
    I know that its only a mater of time but what do you guys think?
    Any tips?

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    I would at least trade in the upper for a xr unit, before it's tost!

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    For what it's worth, Donnie's drive lasted like 100 hrs making around 900hp in a 25' Daytona, his advise was to always picture an egg between your hand and the throttel. I guess with that kinda power it's when not if, and if upgrading it before a catastrophic failure save some bucks, might be worth it. Good Luck, I'd like to know what 24' Vee you have and what speeds you end up with.

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    Thanks for the advice. XTRM22 its a Commander appollo, same hull as Warlock euro or something like that???
    It used to run 65-66 Gps Havasu with a tired 502 with a very worn cam. I am hoping to get to water next weekend for more break in and try a borrowed prop.
    What kind of $$$ should I expect for the XR trade, and where should I go?

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    deeznuts I just went through the same dilema you are going through now. I used a 1999 Teague Platinum drive with 1:36 gears and a 30 pithch prop, It lasted 2.5 hours before I blew the top plate off and left no gear teeth on the input and drive gears. I would suggest to NUT up, like I should of, and buy a XR upper and sell the "running" upper you have now before you break it and its junk. Now you wont have anything to sell and you still have to buy another one. I'm now waiting for my Imco SC upper to arive so I can still salvage my summer. Oh yeah, I was pushing over 1000hp to the drive. (Who knew it wouldn't hold)

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    there are some good threads in cats and tunnel abouts this.
    This was posted by SVO540
    One thing to remember with a cat: Most people think you put the most stress on a drive at full throttle. This is not true. The most stress is around 4000 rpm. The actual rpm for most outdrive stress will vary based on engine and boat. The point of most stress is a combination of the engine making peek torque at a point where the cat is not packing enough air to reduce the wetted surface. At this rpm the boat has more wetted surface than it does at full throttle. This is why slip is greater at slower speeds. More wetted surface, more friction, more slip, more load on your outdrive.
    Get your self a Imco sc
    Good luck

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