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Thread: Need to take boat off trailer

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    Does anyone know what boat manufactures use to put under there boats when they are off there trailer I need to paint my trailer and want to set the boat on the ground. A friend told me he sat his down with blocks of Styrofoam just like the trailer rails would be. Or is this a really bad idea? I have an 18 foot jet with a big block.

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    How do I get this boat off my profile.. I didnt put it there?

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    HotRod Sprint
    Originally posted by jimthetoolman
    How do I get this boat off my profile.. I didnt put it there?
    Jim, go to the user cp, select edit options, down at the bottom hit the change avatar button, and I believe you select none. As for getting the boat off the trailer, there are several people here who have done it, and would be more qualified to answer.

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    Bow Tie Omega
    I just did this a month ago. I sat my hull on 2 - 4"x6"x8' wood beams, I notched each beam to fit my bottom with a jig saw. I sat the beams on blocks. I constructed a pic for you in paint shop. Hope that helps...The best thing about this...It is safe and cheap.

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    Bow Tie Omega
    here is the pic

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    It's a simple process. Start by going to your local truck tire dealer just ask to borrow some used larger truck tires. You will need 6 truck tires and 6 car tires. back the trailer up to something that you can secure the back of the boat to (ie another truck ) secure the boat to the a solid point. now take your truck and begin to slide the boat off the trailer get it about 2 feet off then put 1 large truck tire on each side on the ground then take the car tires and put them on top of the truck tires. now put some 4x4 wood planks in front of your rear tires on your truck, drive on to them slowly this will lower the back of the boat on to the tires. now slowly proceed with the process the whole lenght of the boat. keep close eye on the angle of the ramps on the trailer, they should match the angle the the boat is sliding off the trailer. be sure to have 2 sets of 4x4's so you can keep the truck tires on them at all times, you might have to stop and move them a few times. I have used this process many times. You can load the boat back on the trailer by just reverseing the process wth the wood. You should have somebody to help you the first time. The tires work best by them self as the rubber grips the boat and it will not slide off. once your done there should be no more than a little black spot on the bottom off the boat which will wipe off with some simple green.

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    Bow Tie Omega
    jetboater, I tried that at 3 different places and no one would do it. They wanted $15.00 - $20.00 a pop

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    Use mattresses. I'm sure you can get them at a mattress place for used ones then throw them in a construction dumpster like people do to me when you are done. When I had mine on the trailer upside down I used mattresses. Durring flipping I used them also. I have a tunnel hull so I used 2x12's and saw horses to sit on when they were right side up. I had plenty of mattresses in the river trailer durring the winter that noone was using. Good luck.

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    I have a cherry picker. Would it be okay to lift the boat up by hooking chains on the engine to lift the boat off the trailer? or is that a really stupid way to go about things.

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    Don't think its a good idea to lift boat by the engine might cause a hook in hull maybee or pull the engine mounts right out or the boat. I have a friend who drives a tow truck and every year he puts my boat in the yard for my christmas display . any towing company should have a crane/stinger type truck to lift it with thier sling. Dan

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