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Thread: What's with the hairy chicks?

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    Tom Brown
    OK... yesterday I went for a haircut and get this chick who has far hairier arms than I do. She is wearing her sleeves rolled up to show off her arm hair. It's thick and dark too. I assume dyke but she chatters away about her boyfriend during the cut.
    After that, I head to a department store to pick up a couple of things and a beautiful young woman helps me. She also happened to have sideburns. I'm not talking about just a few strands of peach fuzz. She had light and thin hair but definitely groomed into little pork chop sideburns. An attractive girl too.
    Was I asleep for 50 years or something?

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    tom what is wrong with you hairy chick are hot
    you dont want to have some clean shaven girle
    thats nasty were you ben dud

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    Are you sure they were chicks

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    I was in a grocery store yesterday in line behind a woman, her baby and her husband. While I'm waiting I look down at the woman in front of me and I notice she has dark black hairs on her upper back and then I see she has side burns and matching hairs on her upper lip too. By the way, she was not a dark-skinned woman - she looked to be white.
    Maybe all the women with hair is indicative of the rampant, growing gayness - maybe more women have more hair and perhaps these hairy women have more testosterone than most women which contributes to their being butch? I know it's unscientific but it sounds plausible to me...

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    tattoo's are out,
    Hair is in

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    As long as she does not have hair on her balls I am OK with it.

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    Hormones in the milk, hormones in the chicken, hormones in the was bound to happen...

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    I 'd like to hear a ho moaning with mashed potato mounds on her boobs...

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    Hairier chicks are hornier chicks. Less f**cking estrogen is a good thing.

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    Originally posted by Infomaniac
    As long as she does not have hair on her balls I am OK with it.
    Is that like.....Damn her clit was huge, it was like eight inches long.

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