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Thread: new to v-drives

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    i bought a 76 cole tr1 that had a hemi in it that the guy kept. and i would like to put in a bbc that i have this is my first v-drive. i have had jets and ob's before i am looking for some engine plates and a water pump and front cover for it does anyone have any parts they would like to sale? also can anyone post pictures of their engines so i can see how they get set up? thanks

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    Welcome to the boards.
    My brother runs a cole tr1. He is on the boards as "Coleman II" Send Craig a pm, lives just down the street from you in Pittsburg.
    If you are looking for a shop, You need to call Dave or Paul @ GT boats in Cordelia 707-864-1924. They do excellent work.

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    Cole, you are in for a good time, your TR1 will handle and accelerate much sharper than a jet or outboard. You'll get all the help you need right here. Let us know what gears are in the v-drive (count turns of the input & output) and what prop you have.
    You need to get a few things:
    1. You need a v-drive oil pan with a pickup that runs to the front of the engine (rear of boat). Milodon and Dooley are nice, MLJ marine makes one that works fine for less.
    2. Get a front cover for a Glenwood water pump, do not run a Neovane. The Glenwood pumps a ton of water and you may need to dump some overboard before it even gets to the motor. Do not run any restriction on the outlet or PSI will be too high. You will need a large inlet, 5/8 hose. I ran -8 and it overheated.
    3. You probably already have motor rails, if so get a plate setup. This will require a separate bellhousing. To save a little cash, just get a Glenwood or whomever cast bellhousing with mounting feet and set the feet on your rails. The front mount is simple enough to make from 2 1/4 inch aluminum plates
    4. If you don't have a driveline, get a local truck shop to make you one. It's just a standard 1350 Spicer power takeoff style driveline cut to length. Rex or CP has the adapters. Or if you want to get fancy buy a Lenco splined shaft.

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    There are some Chevy parts on e-bay right now.
    Just do a search for V-drive.

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    JetBoatGuru may have a complete motor for sale. Oilpan to headers the whole works...

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    i have the engine just need the parts to convert from jet to
    v-drive. thanks

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    76 Cole.....GT Boats will have everything you need and will probally be able to get rid of your jetboat stuff...

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    There are some used v drive pans for sale o in the parts section!

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