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Thread: magnetos

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    Anyone know the pros and Cons of running a magneto, I've heard good and bad things what do u guys think. I'm running a 468 BBC 12:1 solid roller ect.

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    IMO, mags are the simplest, most reliable ign systems available.

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    If you have alot of electronic stuff such as electric gauges, stereo etc, a magneto would not be the best thing for you as it does not supply the battery with a charge and the battery would be getting drained from all the electric stuff. Now if all you have to do is start the engine and all the gauges are mechanical then you can run a mag without a problem. Plus the mag should give you a hotter spark.

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    so I wouldnt be running an alternator with a magneto? what about cranking rpms are there certain requirments , i am running electric guages but no stereo or anything,

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    Mags don't need a battery. Are there other ign systems that carge the battery?? Were you refering to an alternator?? Moneypitt

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    Electronic with the spark boxes start quicker due to more voltage while cranking. But I run mags due to dependability. Super Mag III currently. But vertex works well also.
    Tested 3 types on a drag car, unblown alcohol. Mallory Hi fire 4, Super Mag III and a vertex. All 3 ran same MPH and ET with no other changes. The high Fire started quicker.

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    i understand that the mag makes its own power but i would still need an alternator to chage the batterys?

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    If all you are running is electric gauges, you ought to be able to run 2 or 3 day weekends or more without a problem. We did it for years.

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    I'm glad this subject came up; my new boat will have little use for a battery other than start-up, and has only a couple of mechanical gages and no wiring for anything other than a tach. I intend on going magneto.
    My question: Cost. How does cost compare to the electronic set-ups I'm used to on all my past lake boats? Or more specifically, about how much is a Hi-Fire, Super Mag or Vertex?
    Thanks in advance,

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