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Thread: Eagle's Spotted!

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    There's a pasture down the road from where I live where the rancher has his cows.
    This time of the year the cows have there calfs. The new borns don't always make it...
    It's sad to see... but I saw 4 eagles picking away at a dead new born calf.
    You can't belive how big an eagle is.
    So Im out the door for work and I will be looking for more Eagles this morning.

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    The eagles killed it? Or a they just pretending to be vultures today??? I like nature.

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    25 Eagle
    I saw a Eagle weekend before last. To wet this week.

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    We used to do some boating up at Lake Oroville in Nor Cal and they have these big Golden Eagles up there. Nothing like a Bald Eagle I am sure, but they are also big and magnificent.
    Didn't know they ate carrion though...

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    A few years ago, I was on the Salt river just south of Saguaro Lake, just chillin', and within one hour I saw a Great Blue Heron, a Coyote and a slough of Bald Eagles. I felt like I was in Alaska, not a mere 45 minutes from Phoenix. It is one of the largest breeding grounds in the west, all on the Res. and very protected. Very large and magestic, I think I started singing America the Beautifull!
    P.S.....a "Far Side" inside joke....." Don't you ever just feel like a salad?"

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    spectras only
    Hey Skeep, you want to see bald eagles and blue herons , come to b.c . We have them all over the place. Anytime you anchor in a cove you see hundreds of them watching you from the trees and shores

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    Last year I got within 30 feet of a giant eagle perched on a log at the shore of Lake San Antonio. THe thing was huge. We just sat there in the boat looking at it and when we drifted a little too close it took off. It flew right over us and I swear it had a 15 foot wingspan.

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    Jungle Boy
    You guys are suffering for Bald Eagles. We have them year round right in front of our house and up and down the river. They're a great bird and only seeing them up close can a guy really appreciate their size and cool looks.

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    We have lots of Eagles around here but we also have those damn buzzard looking birds....chicken hawks maybe...not sure, but when my shepherd had her pups one of them was laying out in the sun in the yard.....not quite 4 weeks old, and one of those damn birds almost killed it. Tried picking it up with its claws and taking off with it!

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    Krazy K
    Way back in April 1998 (the last time I was at Havasu), Dad and I were fishing out in the middle of the lake for Striper. 1 of the ones I caught died so I tossed it in the water. About 15 minutes later and about 40' from the boat we witness a baby bald eagle swoop down and try to grab it. It took about 4 passes before actually grabbing it. It was one of the most awesome sights I have ever witnessed; besides seeing my nephew for the first time 2 months later.

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