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Thread: IT Job description, WTF???

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    So i need a new job and am looking through the ads and what not and feel like a total idiot. I don't see how I can get a job unless I am God. According to the job listings I need to be able to do:
    MS from 98 to 2003 workstation and server (AD design and implementation, database administration(SQL), Exchange also have full knowledge of UNIX commands, AS400 knowledge, Novell administrations and website development with 3 years experience in C+ programming and VB Script.
    What the hell!! who knows all this? am i missing something?
    Wayne<------really frustrated, sorry had to rant.
    (MCSE, CCNA,MCP, A+)and still can't qualify for a job.

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    Tom Brown
    Your qualifications are solid, Wayne. It's normal to ask for the world when posting an add. Don't let that deter you from applying. Go after anything that interests you.

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    sorry dog
    I felt the same way when I was applying for truck driving position last month.

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    Tom Brown
    Originally posted by RiverDave
    Do you know all that stuff Tom?
    I'm not an MCSE, although I've gone further down the Cisco path. You hiring?

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    sorry dog
    yes - my company needs more truck drivers

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    anyone have AS400 knowledge? I need some technical sales people

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    Look on Monster and check for "overture".. tell me if you see anything intersting.. I might be able to hook you up

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    Originally posted by RiverDave
    Do you know all that stuff Tom?
    Doesn't matter if you do or not, they'll send it all to India soon.
    I know, I know, Im really tryin to shake the negativity.........

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    It's an employers' market now and they are all setting the bar very, very high. Makes it intimidating and tough for applicants and that's how they like it. And they like the competition for the few open jobs (tens to hundreds of resumes for every job posted is normal now).
    Good luck! Be persistent and keep your chin up - things will work out.

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    Tom Brown
    Originally posted by Her454
    Doesn't matter if you do or not, they'll send it all to India soon.
    Curry gives me the shits.

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