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Thread: whats with the beer bellies

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    Okay, so I was walking in store when this guy in front of me had a short shirt on and his pants were falling down and his big o beer belly was hanging out,,nasty
    then I saw this incredible looking guy, handsome rugged looking guy,,,steps out from behind the counter and big o beer belly on him too...
    so whats with the big beer bellies, is it too much beer horomone, or beer in the chicken, beef and bars???????

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    Those are not beer bellies, it's cinderella all
    turns to dick at midnight!!

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    Originally posted by OLDRAT
    Those are not beer bellies, it's cinderella all
    turns to dick at midnight!!

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    Trailer park women like BIG GUTS

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    Is this some bizzar reaction to the "hairy chicks" thread?
    When I see big guts I think to myself "I must be one of the lucky ones" but then when I look at my pops I think "I better do more situps"

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    In the far East it is a sign of financial success.....All the hotties flock.....Good Joe!

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    Its like all the porky girls and belly shirts with low cut pants...Oh "Nice Roll"
    In some countries a big gut is a sign of success.

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    Originally posted by 572Daytona
    That you....Lil Mr...?......................

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    I thought the beer gut was to keep the boat launching straight lol I like my six pack, but kegs make the party

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