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Thread: New Mufflers!!!!

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    Thought everyone may find this interesting. I had emailed GGB several weeks ago and they just sent me this reply to my question below.
    Here's the question... Can you quiet this boat down with the existing headers, keep the performance and meet the 88dba @ 5 feet? The Howard Runner Bottom sports a 468 BBC with a 6-71 blower and Rewarder V-Drive Headers... Thanks, Jeff.
    We just finished testing with our new OT muffler. Test boat run a set-up simalar to yours. 468 chev with blower. (the actual boat is online in our boat pics link of site - Owner is Rick sisson). With engine idle at 800 rpm, no water in the headers, 5' from the boat, it came in at 88dB.
    I have a couple other guy's running them and feedback so far on performance is very little if any loss on top end.
    Click on the link below and then go to OT mufflers...

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    Kindsvater Flat
    That will be interesting to see. But the thing that gets me is this...
    once installed it will extend the header 10" or 12" on the angle cut
    That will really stick out there.

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    I agree, I really don't want an additional 10" added to my header length.
    Can we expect to see anything from Rex Marine?

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    Kindsvater Flat
    Rexone (Mike) was supposedly to be testing some new stuff they are working on. Hopefully its a slip in.

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    Cole Sanger
    So, the site shows 299 a pair. What is the price of a noise ticket? I would imagine you could get a couple 3 or 4 tickets for that price.

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    We are working on (actually have finished design) on thru transom models for wet exhaust and clamp ons for same.
    We have not yet began design on over transom models although it is planned. Over transom with little or no water presents an entirely different scenario than thru transom as water is a key component in the silencing. Our thru transom use "NO" horsepower and "exceed" noise requirements at 39" (J2005 standards). That will be tougher to achieve without the assistance of a bunch of water in an over transom model. Not to mention the OT model will need to be more compact and streamline.
    btw the new J2005 test spec is 3-4 feet off the water at 39" off the transom. The difference between 39" and 60" away on the meter is huge. Can be 2-3 dBA difference. So 88 @ 5 feet may be 90-91 @ test distance. I've personally tested a bunch of different silencers in the past 6 mo so I know this to be fact on the distance variance. One foot further away makes a huge difference in the reading. I've seen this 5 ft figure used in marketing already somewhere and it's not what the SAE J2005 requires so may be misleading to people. I'm sure the sheriff will be testing at 39 and not 60 inches if he's trying to enforce the standard.
    I have not seen or tested the GBB product your referring to so I can't comment on it. The above is just general noise info from what we've seen with other silencers.

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    If anyone tries those mufflers, PLEASE LET ME KNOW. My family was the lucky recipient of 2 noise tickets last year: 1 for over the db limit and one for no mufflers. Seems the DNR isn't down with zoomies that register 125db at idle! One ticket was around $150, the other was pushing $200. Right now I have the Rex Marine Hi-Perf slip-ins. They didn't do too much for the noise, but at least I can sey "Yes, I have mufflers." That being said, the GGB mufflers would be worth it if they work.

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    Cole Sanger
    Have you guys looked into the recording studio market? I use to build HiFi audio amplifiers in Colorado. The company I was working for (Boulder Amplifiers) was looking into some crazy audio products. I was thinking maybe you could get with someone in the audio speaker business, or an audio engineer and see if they could help you out. You guys know engines like they know sound. Just a thought. It may get you to market faster.

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    spectras only
    what happened to the idea of developing a sound signal generator that cancels out the exhaust DB level? My wife would never bother me again to do something about my exhaust's noise level

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    Cole Sanger
    I have heard of something like that. It records the sound coming out (being made) and plays the exact opposite frequency at the same level at almost the exact same moment the sound is being made. It works, but it is probably the same price as a solar powered car. I would imagine jet planes would get them first.

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