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Thread: H2o At Havasu

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    anybody have any recent reports on water level at havasu...derek

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    446 and rising

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    kachina whats normal....derek

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    Originally posted by Kachina26
    446 and rising Hey Kachina, Nice Sig. The boat looks sweet!

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    They would let you launch 26' and below on the island today
    Windsor beach will let you try any thing on the north I got my 29' out with the trim as high as I could get it 2 weeks ago. To much rain today we will give it one more try tomarrow. But I could tell it was up from 2 weeks ago

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    448 was the high last year and it was very nice at that level. you can find out more info here, it's updated hourly.water level site (

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    Originally posted by LASERRAY
    Hey Kachina, Nice Sig. The boat looks sweet! Hey thanks Laser, I knew that shot was gonna come out dark. I should have taken it from the other side, but I wanted the lake for a background. That was from the maiden voyage last Friday the 13th. That pic was really the only thing that went wrong so pffft on Fri the 13th.

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    I launched a week ago, carefully, at the Islander. Once we were on the lake no problems at all. The north ramp at Winsor sounds like the deepest place from what I have read, no problem.

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