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Thread: 94 Z71 For Sale

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    94 Z71 extended cab with 4" lift on 33's, Weld outback wheels, Rancho rs 9000 shocks, Alpine deck with Polk audio in the doors and in the dash, MTX amps and 10" MTX sub. truck has 170,000 on it. This has been a great truck for us and has never had any problems of any kind. I was'nt going to replace this truck for atleast another two years but I have chance to buy another truck for a great price. I'll try and gets some pics up tomorrow. I'm asking $6,500 to try and sell it quick. you can call me at home at 818-353-7441 or on my cell at 661-510-3185.

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    Here's a couple pic's. It's a little dirty right now from all the rain, but the new owner will get it all polished up

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    This truck is extra clean and will make a great tow vehicle/daily driver for someone. Joe are you buying another used truck? I just went and saw your neighbor Micheal Demke at AFCO to have pump parts blasted. The pump looks great now that everything if powdercoated. Engine will be done end of this week. How is your boat coming? Mine goes to Todd at TRG for bilge clean up end of this week and then back to MPD for pump to go back in. Then engine will be put back in and plumbed. Not long now!

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    Whats up Travis? Mike told you came by, you should of left the pump there for him. He was going to powder coat it for you for FREE!!! My boat is in the same condition as last year but I'm still making payments in Costa Mesa on the new motor

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    You live up on the rock!! I recognize those streets

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    Joe- I am taking the suction housing back to him to have coated. Everything else Ty and Chris could do in their small oven. Should have that done by end of week.

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    Hey Travis, Mikes here now so I'll let him know you'll be by.

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    Originally posted by Hustler
    Congratulations Joe, beer on you now

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