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Thread: NO DRAMA GUARANTEE!!! Real Jetboat thread

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    I just bought some shiny new headers.
    Now the problem, I am gonna put a new cam in my motor along with new heads.
    I know your suppost to break in the cam for 20 min at 2000 RPM. Will this blue the headers? Will water go through the headers?
    Should I use my old ones for it? The old headers have bad cracks right by the flange, I dont wanna toast my new valves. The exahust is ported big time, so I dont know if that will hurt the valves with the crack in the old headers.
    Thanks for the help.
    Dan (sick of drama) hercules

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    dan, have your builder break in the cam on the stand. if he cannot do that at his shop then find a place that can/will. that way your sure the motor is good before you install it in the boat and you saved the chrome.
    you Drama queen...

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    Dan, I learned this one from experience.
    Don't break in the cam with the new headers!
    I blued a nice new set of rewarders all to hell in about 30 minutes when I broke in my cam. If you have the old ones, use them for the break-in and safe the purty ones for the river.

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    HotRod Sprint
    Dan, since you don't care much for the old headers, why not take them to a fab shop and have the cracks welded. Use them to break in the cam, and then give them a toss. A few dollars spent for welding the cracks would seem like a good bit of insurance against toasting valves, and blueing the new ones.

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    American Turbine Man
    I'm with you guys. I have been watching this forum for about three weeks, seems like too much B.S. and not enough jet stuff. I am new to this so, if do something wrong please correct me.

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    Jungle Boy
    Originally posted by American Turbine Man
    I'm with you guys. I have been watching this forum for about three weeks, seems like too much B.S. and not enough jet stuff. I am new to this so, if do something wrong please correct me.
    Your right: Lots of various strong opinions and pissing matches. Me, I don't understand the desire to lake boat in the first place. Mainly cause the lake boat season here is short and I like to cover some ground when I go boating. If I lived down south, I'd be having me one of them 26 ft DCB with a couple of outboards. Yes that's right folks. Ok so maybe I'm a little sleep deprived and high on Columbian coffee.

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    Yeah right JB, we saw the way you parked that thing awhile back. You think we want you down here? Hell our insurance rates are high enough without your help. Now you insult this thread with all of these fine jetboaters with bullshit talk about wacka's.
    You better take a trip back up to the 'sandbar' and ask that Rev-what's his name for forgiveness! LOL

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    Jungle Boy
    Ok, you're right. I'd like the 26' DCB with a 540 blower motor. Something that can take some big water.

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    bring them old headers to my place. ill fix em for ya. though i still think you should break in the cam on the stand and not under the load of the pump. maybe one or some of the professional engine builders can enlighten us on weather its a good idea or not. anyone, anyone?

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    Jun 2009
    Not a pro engine builder but I will contribute what I think I know .... I'm sure the jet tech dept will correct me if I'm wrong.
    Cam break in as I understand it is based on engine speed (rpm) not relative necessarily to engine load. However "any" idle time must be avoided therefore pretty much eliminating launching and running on the river or lake unless you fire and go immediately to 2K and stay there, do not stop for traffic, otters, logs, pwcs, not to mention other tuning / adjustment problems that possibly won't run good, probably won't plane at 2k etc, etc.
    Run it on the stand or in the boat but don't idle it during the break in period. Use the break in time to check for fuel and water system leaks, check timing, general inspection, etc. Not a good idea to do first fire up in the boat going down the lake not watching the engine IMO.
    Headers... any significant time running dry will blue the headers. Use the old ones.

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