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    I need to come up with a splash shield for my boat, just looking find where to find one that I can fabricate onto my starbuck, any idea's, Thanks Rob...

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    Hey ez, I've seen some pretty cool looking ones made from aluminum. Or you could go with a plexiglass piece or a Lexan plastic. I believe the Lexan stuff is alot stronger and will last longer. Cut it to size, heat and bend. You may be able to find Lexan at a local Home Depot or Lowes. I've also heard that L & L Marine has stuff like that 714 777-5505.
    You gotta a pic of that Starbuck? I always thought those were cool looking boats! Is it the tunnel?

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    Thanks for the info !, no it's not a tunnel, if I ever get it back from the paint shop I'll get some newer pics on, there are some in my galleries of when I started, not to many people heard of these things, including me, Thanks Rob....

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    ezstriper I was going to ask the same Question. I got a 87 Kachina and Louie wants 300+ bucks for the acrylic ones he makes. Any one know if this is the goin price? Heck I can bend 1/4" with a propain gas torch if this is true.
    Nice Jet there ezstriper.

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    Although I favor the tunnel, that boat still looks pretty cool! It has an interesting looking bottom from what I can see. The outside strakes look real aggressive like on the old Rogers. Post some new pics when you get them and good luck on the splash shield.

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    I made one out plexi glass last year never did it before and very easy to figure out only $20

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    bottom feeder
    Hey all
    If you use the lexan (GE trade name) or polycabonate (same But GE dont get your $$) you can cold form. You will not need to heat it to bend it. Besides it a buch better at fracture strength.
    Hope it helps.

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    EZSTRIPER, did it a few weeks ago, used 8th inch plexiglass, make a template with cardboard to get the bend angles for the guard, make a jig, I used a 2x8 that was laying around, used wooden dowels to bend to, used a heat gun to heat with and then cleaned up the edges that I cut with a propane torch, these were not all my ideas most of them came from the boards here, total cost about 20 bucks,plus 12 silver bullets, the only thing I should have done was use 1/4 inch my guard is fine but maybe a little fragile. hope it helps.......Vic

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    I have an 1/8" plexi one on right now. I fell into it trying to avoid my OT headers. Cracked on the curve. Ill try to use the broken one as a template
    I'll make my own. You all have inspired me I want to use 1/4" this time. Not to sure if I could cold roll the .25" tho. I'll try the heat first. That 1/8" splash gaurd has taken some hits before back at the beach when it gets crowded. Thanks all.

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    Damn, that got us moving ! I have 080 alum. laying around my sign shop, I'll try to work on using that 1st and see what happens, that is IF I EVER GET THE DAMN BOAT BACK FROM A 2 WEEK PAINT WORK FROM JUNE !, it's really good I've been busy with other projects, Thanks again guys, stay tuned film @ 11

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