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Thread: need some outdrive edumacation

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    what does #5,#6 drives mean? what is a dry-sump? what do extension boxes do? i have a bravo 1X on my boat. the oil resevoir gets low every so often, is this normal? why would an outdrive use up oil?

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    Havasu Hangin'
    I'll take a shot-
    Bravo One- Mercs standard big block outdrive
    Bravo XZ- Beefed up Bravo
    Bravo XR- XZ with straight cut gears; used for racing in the factory classes
    SSM III- Super Speed Master racing unit; not used much anymore; not available with current packages
    SSM V- same as the SSM III, but 6" shorter
    Number 6 Dry Sump- The beefiest of all the drives; "dry sump" refers to how the oil is sprayed onto the gears, instead of bathed (less HP loss); needs a separate transmission, very heavy and very expensive.
    A Bravo 1X is a diesel drive, which is a beefed up Bravo for the extra torque.
    An extension box is a billet housing that moves the drive back off the transom. The idea is more setback = more speed.
    Hope that helps.
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    dank you!

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    Havasu Hangin'
    No worries- BTW, I don't have a Merc drive, but the guys I know that do, have to keep the oil topped off- I don't know why, maybe someone else could chime in.

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    I seem to lose a little oil over time and cant figure out where it goes.

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    Heres a bit of blurb on the X drives,
    I chose 'em coz the upgrades are near that of the XZ & the cost was only $180 each over the standard B1.
    With the oil loss, maybe check that the reservoirs arent overflowing when running hard, that was happening to mine, when they cooled the level was below minimum, a set of simrek showers sorted that problem out.

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    how would the reservoir overfill, and why would the level drop when cold, are you talking about when running hard, the oil level comes up and out of the reservoir and when i don't run as hard the level is low because the oil came out of the reservoir?

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    Chestah Cheetah
    Sounds like the Bravo1X is the way to go, especially if it's only $180 more than the regular B1. Nextasex, did you specify that particular drive at the time of purchase? Anyone have a reason to not couple that drive to a gas engine since it was designed for a diesel?

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    marcel, the 496HO comes standard with the 1X. cool!

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    Havasu Hangin'
    Chestah Cheetah:
    Anyone have a reason to not couple that drive to a gas engine since it was designed for a diesel?The only difference is a heavy-duty U-join, upgraded thrust bearings, near-net forged gears, steel chimney, and thicker upper gear floor...
    The only problem I see would be your Diesel pants clashing...

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