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Thread: The Smoking Man is Gone

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    Jungle Boy
    I'm breathing easier now. The Smoking Man has returned to the Quito office. For the last 6 days here at the rig I've been sharing a small office with my boss that came out to help out during a problem well I was dealing with. He's a evil chain smoker that smokes during meals, morning day and night. I'm guessing about 3 packs a day. He don't ask if it bothers anyone cause he says he don't care! My sleeping quarters in the other end of this little office is smoked out too. All my clothes smell like smoke. My eyes were burning and my throat is sore. I was thinking of taking up smoking just to even things out. I have never had to deal with that sore of thing for many years. Any friends that we have that smoke, do so outside or in the garage. You forget that they even smoke sometimes.
    Anyone else work in close quarters with a Smoking Man or Woman? :frown:

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    Dude, that sucks. And I'm a "casual" smoker. I hate it when people are rude about THEIR smoking. Some people The morning smokers get me the most. I hate when I get stuck behind someone smoking between the parking structure and the office. It's 7:30 in the friggin morning and you need a cig that bad?? Dang.
    I'm glad he's gone. Can you get Fabreeze down there?

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    Tom Brown
    Smoking sucks.

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    Originally posted by Tom Brown
    Smoking sucks.
    What about "pole smoking"

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    Jungle Boy
    Originally posted by mirvin
    What about "pole smoking"
    As long as she is fairly good at it, I can live with it.

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    I just put in a dip and spit on the smoker. Then they can share the remains of my nicotine addiction.

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    Tom Brown
    JB, if the smoker comes back... shoot him.

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    The lovely city of Saskatoon will be 100% smoke free in public places come July 1...even decks and we are talking. Smoking is the grosest ****ing thing and I can't imagine why people do it.

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    Mrs. Bordsmnj
    Originally posted by Tom Brown
    hahahaha Tom!!
    I know one of those pacs of smokes is mine!!

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