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Thread: 36 Spectre Cat for Sale

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    Tahoe Tunnel Vision
    I hope this is allowed, if not my apologies in advance.
    Unlike the Poker run edition, this 36 Spectre has a full windshield in addition to the cabin and berth. It has been in Hot Boat Magazine twice and featured in the article “5 drop dead gorgeous Rockets. Equipment includes: GPS and GPS recall speedo, 6 person intercom, full gauges and warning lights, Bmax drives, Dana Tunnel Tab, HPI internal and Gaffrig external mufflers. As quiet as you can get one of these.
    The motors are 522 CI Larry Peto 1000hp intercooled, dry sumped, Blower motors. Motors rebuilt with one hour of testing. Boat will run 140+. Triple axle aluminum trailer plus tool box. Full and tonneau covers. Boat is complete turn key. Can be seen at the Las Vegas PRW run, and at the spring HeatWave. Email

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    So how $$$$$,$$$$$

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    Tahoe Tunnel Vision
    Of Course you can, $270,000 and I have all receipts for the last 3 years. We will be in the cove the entire week before the Heatwave. That was just a partial list of the goodies on this boat. If interested email me

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    very nice... Someone out there will buy it..

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    Three Days Only
    What year is it?

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    Tahoe Tunnel Vision
    It is a 2000 model. I guess I should have been more complete with the info.

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    Hey Tim, why ya' sellin the boat? I saw it down Larry's when he was doing the motors last month, nice boat

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    Are you going bigger Tim?

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    Tahoe Tunnel Vision
    Yea, Larry had the boat all winter for complete motor rebuilds. When he tore them down, there was absolutely no wear or heat signs in the motors. We are running them fairly understressed. You are the Craig we had pizza with, right?
    Ola, good buddy. The primary reason for listing the boat is that Tahoe is getting tougher and tougher on noise, far more strict than the Cal standard for 2005. Last year we got lots of looks but no tickets. That is why we had two muffling systems put on for this year. We should be ok, but just in case I'm listing it. If it doesn't sell thats ok. If we rebuy it will be bigger.
    Anyway, I believe I still owe you a ride

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