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Thread: A perfect part for the ZZ top boat....

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    Hey Mullet:
    ZZ Top Parts Here (
    Those will match your faded anno.

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    " Description
    mount to the stringer with supplied hardware to hold your favorite 12 OZ. can of pepsi "
    Or Whiskey.

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    "Bounce your leg off of it while driving and receive a nice bone deep, half moon shaped slice out of your calf"
    Looks like a great idea...

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    Cup holders?....for a ***boat?
    I still don't undersand the need for them in a car...maybe I perceive driving in general a little more as a sport than most.

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    Not to mention my beer would be flat after one trip across the lake from bouncing on the hard floor

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    I don't think this will fit in that little holder?????????

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    How about that primer bottle!

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    Originally posted by Hud
    How about that primer bottle!
    I think HUD hit the nail on the head with that one. Primer bottle holder. Period.

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