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Thread: I Already Like Having a Boat

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    I have not even taken delivery of my boat but all ready like a few things already.
    1. A few women have insisted that they want to go to the river with me without me even asking. How cool is that.
    2. I get to buy all this stuff for my boat, for some reason buying stuff for the boat is like you have a real reason to get stuff. " I need it for my boat, for safety reasons"

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    Mrs. Bordsmnj
    Hey, me and Jason were at Aftershock last week and saw your boat. It looks good. Your first was was almost done too and I thought that one looked pretty cool too!
    When is your boat going to be done?

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    Welcome to the money pit....

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    All I can say is....summer plaese!

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    The first one did turn out nice but I would have always looked at the fix. The boat should be done next week and the weekend after that I am off to parker to take it out.

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    I believe that custom cooler you bought was the most important "safety item"...
    You know how dangerous dehydration is, right?

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