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Thread: i sent an email to

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    everyone in our office that read:
    Subject: pencil sharpeners
    if they are not emptied/cleaned out, they tend to become compacted and BURN OUT, turning them into a $30 piece of junk. please keep this in mind.
    one of the engineers got really mad and said that maybe
    I should go around empty them all since they are "too stupid to do it themselves".
    i admit iI was just a little snide, but really...

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    Originally posted by titties and beer
    i use a pen
    Pens will f..k them up also. Trust me I know!

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    Originally posted by 91nordic29
    one of the engineers got really mad and said that maybe
    I should go around empty them all since they are "too stupid to do it themselves".
    Send out another e-mail apologizing for your assumption, and there will be a short class on the basics of pencil sharpener maintainance.
    Attendance is mandatory.

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    And remind them that you were talking about pencil sharpeners not engineers.

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    maybe i should buy them all the manual crank kind. that way they will know, when it is too hard to turn, it is time to empty it!

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    there was a dull pencil on my desk this morning.

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    Get them that hand deals that ya had in school, not the wall mouted ones, but the ones you have to hold over a trash can. Let them do that for a few months then go back.
    Never mind, that will never work, the wont know when the trash can is full!

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    Managing people is very fun at times bigger the crew the more personalities come into the mix and can feed off each other
    The last place I managed had a nice employee lounge, the funny thing is nobody would take their crap out of the Fridge. I never used it, because of all the old moldy food left after weeks. I started to go in each week and throw everything out, started to get complaints so stopped. I have been gone for 6 months, talk to someone last Saturday and they said nobody has cleaned it since I left:yuk: :yuk:
    Pretty common problem from what I hear in other offices

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    sounds like the engineer has a point. Have you considered that maybe they are to stupid to figure it out?

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    Did someone say "pencil test"?

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