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Thread: Diamond Valley Lake in Temecula

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    Does anyone have any information on the lake? Opened Oct. 2003. I went to their website and it says, "Diamond Valley Lake will be the largest body of fresh water in Southern California"

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    It's a drinking water reservoir only, there is a noise prohibition. They have a 25 MPHspeed limit.
    This is a row boat lake apparantly. NO BODY CONTACT
    1/2 hour from home and useless. But I guess I cannot blame them. Perris gets shut down because of all the fecal material floating away from the baby diapers (parking lot burritos) dumped in the lake...GROSS

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    That sucks! How can they claim to be the largest fresh water lake in So. Cal and have a 25 mph speed limit.

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    Bow Tie Omega
    This lake was supposed to be full contact when the project first started out. My wife's family is friends with the former owner of the property the lake was built on. That was the only way he would sell the property to the Water District. He then sold surrounding property to developers who were going to make a killing, he did not do to bad himself. Well, the water district renigged, changed the name to Diamond Valley and there are law suits galore. Developers are mad with him, he is mad at the water district. I believe there is a class action lawsuit being put together against the water district for gross/willfull breach of contract

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    I sure hope they win. That place could be soooooo awesome.

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