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Thread: Need Info - New to Area and Board

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    Blowin Money
    My family and I are new to the Phoenix area. Can anyone give me some info on registering my boat and is it expensive?
    Also, can you tell me where are the best places to boat here?
    I have a 25 ft boat.

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    It costs about $15.00 to register your boat and $120.00 for perm. plates, on your trailer lake pleasant is largest local lake, theres also Bartlett, Canyon, Roosevelt, Saguaro,and Apache. good luck!!!

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    Yeah, what they said Keep an eye on the Hot Boats-West. A lot of us post gatherings on that discussion group

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    Blowin Money
    thanks to all for info

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    Blowin Money
    Blowin Money
    Thanks to all for info

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