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Thread: AGGRESSOR (OOTB) SS pics for HBjet

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    Jake W

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    Mr Twister

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    Damn! That is perdy! What size/cut is it?

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    Jake W
    It' s an A ,its home will be a blown 19 Eliminator tunnel.

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    Well where is hbchet.I mean hbjet.Here is your pic.Didnt hbjets buddy put a aggressor impeller in his ultra last year?Didnt it run better than before?So why does he still bitch?Anyways good looking impeller.I will be getting a new aggressor mag-bronze pretty soon.

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    Jet Hydro
    Hey Jake, after you left I talked Brian in to driving my Hydro so I can see it run for the first time
    Don't tell

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    Jake W
    Jethydro, How did he like it?Bet it was cold as hell.

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    Feb. 24, 2004
    565 Edge,
    Allen, are you racing this year?
    Well I will there and we will be in the 8.50 Brackets this year.

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    Somebody isnt actually going to use that impeller in a blower boat without first having it cleaned up are they? Geez after seeing this picture and HB's "race detailed" impeller, there really isnt any comparsion is there??. I'm sorry HB.

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