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Thread: Boobs On Ebay?

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    She needs help. Send her to Howard Stern and have doctor Calabro help her out!! :yuk:

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    Yes she does!! but WTF 's up with everyone asking for hand-outs
    now a days? You don't see me putting my junk on e bay and complaining that I need a penis reduction!!

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    i will take the extra

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    Does her left (your right)tit look different then the right
    LOL, people do the craziest things:wink:

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    Bow Tie Omega
    That was the laugh I needed today

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    spectras only
    It's probably not even a female who put that scam on e-bay

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    Drunk tank
    those sure are some sad lookin boobies

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    Blown 472
    Holy ****ing fried egg nipples batman.

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    Originally posted by Blown 472
    Holy ****ing fried egg nipples batman.
    That may be why she wants an upgrade

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