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Thread: Which way does the bilge blower blow?

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    Need More Toys
    Anybody know whether the bilge blower is supposed to blow fresh air into the bilge to displace possible fumes or if it is supposed to draw fumes from the bilge and blow them out of the boat?
    I think that mine may be backward because it blows into the bilge. I get a gasoline smell up at the forward seats because the air is forced forward along the side rails and comes out up under the dash. I've checked for fuel leaks and can't find any. I've replaced all of the fuel lines, pump and filter. I think it's just normal engine smells. I don't smell it when the blower is off. Any ideas?

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    spectras only
    The blower has to scavange the fumes out of the bilge,and you have to have a fresh air intake to replace the air inside the engine compartment! The suction hose has to reach the floor of the engine room to remove the fumes sufficiently.

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    Need More Toys
    Thanks Spectras only.
    I have a hose that goes to the bottom of the bilge. The inlet is connected to one of the rear vents and I have a fresh air vent on the other side. When I stand behind the boat, I can't feel air coming out of the vent where the blower is connected. I'm guessing that it is blowing into the bilge. I guess the next step is to check the hose in the bilge and see if it is sucking or blowing.

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    spectras only
    All blowers have an arrow marking the direction of flow out,or the word inlet.

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    Havasu Hangin'
    Is that why they're called blowers and not suckers?

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    not guilty
    I dont know H.H..But I,ve got one in my bilge and that sucker really blows !!!!!!!!

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