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Thread: bravo out drives question.....

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    anyone ever blow a bravo outdrive while applying 450-475 Hp??
    mind yuh i have no intension of babying this thing. not hammering on it but not baying it for sure. i hoping there's a few 496mag HO owners out there that can tell me they've had no problems with out the xr upgrade or whatever. thanks -jas

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    Nothing will live if you don't keep the prop in the water!
    Heat is also a major factor of failer. A drive shower will help greatly for long 20 mile runs at WOT.
    At this exact moment I have a stock drive on my boat with 900 HP going through it. I ran it for my last few trips of the 03' seasone and had no problems. I do not push it past 85/90 in good water and drive it like there is a egg under the petal ("Shawn Torrez").
    Bravo ones can be kept alive it just takes the fun out of it...
    SandBarJunkies has the bravo and a 496HO in a Mach 26, he runs wide open everywhare at 70/75 and has had no problems..
    Just my .02

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    How old is the Drive? How many hours worth on it?
    Im just currious, Im going from a stock 496 Mag to a whipple with 5 psi soon and would like to know how long your setup held together. Mind it my bravo is only 1 season old.

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    I've got a stock bravo one drive with 496ho,approx 300 hrs.
    no problems yet. no babying it most time abusing it and still holding up.

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    thanks guys. thats kinda what i was hoping to hear. rightnow i got one with 120 hours on it with an imco drive shower. it's serviced religeosly but i've only had 320hp maybe looking at an upgrade if i can swing it

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    85 hours on my b1x and a 496HO. No problems.....
    Beyond the horsepower rating of the drives, I think torque is a more important thing to consider. The rate of torque increases/total peak torque is what kills drives IMO
    What you thinking about Jason?

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    Havasu Cig
    Weight of the boat is a big factor as well as how hard you are on the drive.
    I recently grenaded an XR on our Cig with 500 EFI's (130 hours) in very flat water. I always get off the throttles when the drives leave the water, but at 12,000 pounds there is alot of force on the drive. The verticle shaft snapped, and the top cap disintegrated. I replaced the top caps with teague Billet ones, and supposedly the new Merc verticale shafts are stronger.
    I ran about 800 hp in a DCB Mach 26 with an XR and did not have a problem. Much lighter boat, and I never hammered it out of the hole. Good luck.

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