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Thread: For Sale Mercruiser 888 OutDrive New !

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    I just picked up a brand new still in the box 888 Out Drive 1.5:1 from a marina going out of bizz. This will fit any alpha bell house or pre alpha, the only difference is you may have to buy a spacer for the rams.I have been told this is a good drive to upgrade to for high HP alpha guys.They have much stronger gears in them!
    Best offer takes it!
    E-mail for pics and I will take them tonight. wink
    [ April 16, 2003, 01:59 PM: Message edited by: superV ]

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    A guy that works for me is restoring an old Reinell cruiser, the 888 in it is lookin' pretty grim.
    I just might be your guy on this super v, let me know the price.

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    More to come!

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