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Thread: VIDEO 05: New from SCOPE - Big Power 42 Tiger, Jim Neely (900sc's)

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    This is the fifth NEW video. We are doing this every few weeks during the beginning of 2004 to help out our brother boaters from LOTO and the right coast during these winter months. These have never been seen before and can not be seen anywhere else. SCOPE is a NON-Profit organization and relies solely on its generous membership and sponsors.
    Right Click HERE and Save Target As: VIDEO NUMBER 05 (
    (Saving the video on your hard-drive allows you to share it with others, and it allow lets you view it whenever you want without having to dowload it again. Each download from our site will eventually cost SCOPE additional Internet fees. Please only download once.)
    Also, we want to recognize for the production of these videos. Thank you Chris and Brigette!
    The Southern California Offshore Powerboat Elite (S.C.O.P.E.) club is the premier offshore performance boating club in the Southern California area. With membership over 200 strong this year, the club is filled with fun-loving performance boaters that enjoy the event filled calendar, plus the safe and organized atmosphere that SCOPE is known for, including events for the the whole family.

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    Havasu Cig
    Cool video....

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    Deff a cool vid.. but he's only going 60-70mph..

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    That was a sweet video, hard to imagine 42 feet of fiberglass and metal flying through the air!

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