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Thread: New 28 Daytona with Canopies

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    Has anybody seen the new boat. Anybody have any ideas of what the starting price is for a single engine setup. Thanks

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    I saw it at the boat show, did not like as much as the Daytona 25, 26, or 30....the deck seemed to rise up quite a bit and it had these wierd looking .02....its all subjective
    There are pics online on it, I will try and find one.

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    Here is a pic of the 28...Try Riverrat Life's galleries...Dave got some pics of it

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    roln 20s
    I'm not sure how well this boat would work with a single- its pretty freakin big, plus this one had twin Viper motors (I think?).
    I'm guessing this is a twin only boat. I actually like this one better than the 25 canopy, but not as well as the 26.
    Roln 20s

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    I have seen a number of high horsepower single engine 28 daytonas. I think the new 28 looks pretty good. Was the one at the La Boat show the first one they built.

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    I'm pretty sure that the 28 at the show was the first one out of the mold. It went 121mph w/ those viper motors. They said at the show that they already had several order for it.

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