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Thread: Is is possible to...

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    ...fall in love with a piece of metal? I think I just did. Looking into the intake runners actually made me a little scared of how fast this motor is going to push the hydro.....

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    Looks like "Big Brodies". Sweet.
    I ran a set on my comp eliminator car years ago...they are
    indestructable and don't take a whole lot of maintenance.
    Good choice. Don't be makin' love to them without protection!

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    Liberator TJ1984
    Justin , has your Eliminator sold yet ????

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    Yep, sold it to a board member here...... I delivered it to Cyclone Speed and Marine where Jim Brock is going to build it.

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    What kind of condom do you use when hittin that?
    Empty beer can?

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    Blown 472
    Dude, I would be jackin my lumber to those ifin I had a set in tha garage.

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    So I see ya'll are trading in your old ladies for some iron hunh? Geeze.....some like'm cold and heavy....I like'm light and pretty

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    Justin are those aluminum...can't make out the resolution on my crap monitor here....looks like they are. Nice...real nice....

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