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Thread: Custom machining needed.

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    I need a couple of brackets machined for a project, they need to secure a 3/4" tube to a 2" tube. Kind of like spark plug looms, but larger.
    I have a (crude) drawing of what I need, if anyone is interested in a little project.
    I need 4 of them.
    I pay cash.

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    Whoo Hoo!!
    Thanks, Dave.

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    My guess is, reservoirs to shock hoops...
    How close am I?

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    Originally posted by Froggystyle
    My guess is, reservoirs to shock hoops...
    How close am I?
    Not very.
    But a great guess, just the same. Hell thats better than the real deal....
    A fuel fill and vent tube. (patent pending)

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    bypass return my guess

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    Blown 472
    Originally posted by schiada96
    bypass return my guess

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    Originally posted by 1stepcloser
    I pay cash.
    I'm all over it, and I work in Chino, free pick up and drop off.
    Let me know if you are interested. I would like to check it out.

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    i have a mill and a lathe but im not very good with them yet, but i can probably figure it out if no one else wants to.

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    Originally posted by Bigyellowcat
    Damn...that's a nice boat to have the cieling fall on

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