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Thread: Great looking v-drive for sale

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    1960 Sanger Wood Twin Cockpit V8 (1of 3 Made) **Only Known Survivor** - $3500
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    Date: 2004-02-25, 12:26PM PST
    Discovered in Clear Lake in 1997. Restored in 1998. Has spent all summers since then on Clear Lake (out of the water when not in use). In my opinion, the most popular boat on Clear Lake. Gets Mega Attention where ever we land. Bought from John Yeandle, a known boat collector and owner of Anderson Island on Clear Lake. He also hosts festivities for the Clear Lake Antique Boat Show which is an expansion of the Lake Tahoe Antique Boat Show. This boat was lovingly restored to almost perfection but has sinced suffered some sun and weather. Still gorgeous but needs some more attention with the paint and bottom fiberglass covering. Mechanically sound with all guages and most mood lighting (custom) in service. New prop shaft and engine rebuilt in 98. Boat has a V-Drive setup with a Velvet Drive Transmission. Ultimate party boat with ample room for 4 people and can accomodate 6. If you want the cooler on board, you will have to write off someone. I've had alot of fun with this boat for the last 6 years but I am liquidating everything and moving to Florida. Let me know if this interests you. I am looking for someone who will take care of this boat to preserve its place in history and continue its legacy. Can tow for free within a reasonable distance from Pacifica, Ca. Will miss it terribly. Many great memories. Please call Brian at 650-738-2019

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    Originally posted by Cas
    I am liquidating everything and moving to Florida.
    I agree that Hud's latest picture was very impressive, but that does seem a little drastic . Very cool boat BTW

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    how about someone buying one of my jets so I can buy this thing......oops, wrong place to post this
    I spoke with the seller this morning, sounds like a real good boat, definitely nostalgic.

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    I Dig it! If I had room for another boat I would probably check it out. But I have nowhere to put it.
    Cool Boat though!

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    man...and it's literally right over the hill from me. What a beauty. I just put out major coin for the hydro and need to focus on the motor build...if I had the extra $3500 laying around, I'd jump on it and worry about my money problems later...that boat is too nice.

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    Back Forty
    What is the engine..?

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    some thing wrong here! 1 of 3 . i see a profit here. $$$$2b made.

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    3500? WTF? yer driven the market down.

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    What a beauty. And in my hometown too! Maybe I'll take a peek next time I visit my folks.

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    better be real soon John, I don't think Brian will have it for very long...especially at that price.
    If anyone has any questions, give the seller a call. I didn't talk about all the particulars of the boat with him. We spoke more about the history and what was done to it.
    just looked at my original post, I guess it does look like I'm the one selling it, sorry about that. It's not mine, wish it was though

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