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Thread: Gay marriage?

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    Alright, there hasn't been a social commentary thread in a while to get you fokkers all worked up.
    Personally I really don't care what a couple of guys or women do in their relationship. Call it a "union", life partnership, "marriage," whatever. But geez, don't let two mustache rubbers make out in public.
    I don't know that we need a Constitutional amendment to save us. But I wonder about the issues being married will cause them. Will the rich one have to pay Alimony...("Homomony", I'm thinkin' they will call it. ) to the poor one when they break up? Why even go through the hassle of it? For the insurance benefits? Don't married people have to pay more in taxes? ITs just a piece of paper.
    And then what's next? If you can past the perversion of two men getting married, If that's going to be "normal" and accepted....then how far of a stretch is it to polygamy? Why is one man and two or three wives so taboo?
    Honestly that seems more normal to me than two is done in other countries and that wacky Utah. ONe woman and a couple of men. How much less normal would that be than Bruce and Ted pushing their adopted Korean son down the street in a yellow stroller?..........:yuk:
    Being gay isn't a choice, right. They have a messed up chromosome or something. Obviously it is not what nature intended or the race would die out. But they are what they are and apparently they want to get married. Would you let em?
    Alright I'm done.

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    The Goverment should be getting more involved with these F'ing GAS prices. :yuk: vs what 2 carpet munchers or peter puffers are up to.

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    And how bout those illegal aliens?

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    As long as there is none of my tax dollars or any added expense to me in any way they can do what they want. (IRS, healthcare, etc...) But like you said, here comes polygamy (already a lawsuit pending), you love your dog, ok You really like that cow you saw when you drove by the pasture.
    It is not natural and should not be accepted. If you let this become definition of marriage then you don't have an institution of marriage any longer and then everyones "piece of paper" becomes just that.
    Most of the reasons they are asking for are already taken care of by wills, powers of attorney etc... It is just another way these fags want to hijack another part of society. Remember when rainbows were part of nature and gay meant being happy?
    It is also a small part of the gay community that is radically pushing this agenda. A typical media fiasco making a small percentage seem like millions.
    But the government has other things to worry about and should leave this up to a vote of the people in each state. And if a state recognizes a gay marriage it SHOULD NOT carry over to other states.

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    What has me fired up this week are all the gay married wetbacks driving those big undertaxed rich people's gas guzzling cars to Albertsons to use thier foodstamps to buy name brand foods.

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    Jungle Boy
    Homos being allowed to marry is just another step closer to the edge of the cliff. If they want to life together, lick each others assholes and smoke penis then that's all fine and dandy, but there should be at least one last piece of legitimecy that can't be obtained - a marrage licence. Marriage should be reserved for a man and a woman. If you can't procreate then it's not normal. You don't see wild animals ****ing each other in the ass (least not in Alberta!). They should all jump back into the closet and not be so ****ing proud to be homos. What's next? Our whole idea of normal is getting bent out of shape and with each passing generation, our standards get lower and lower. What will be accepted as normal in 100 years? There are some liberal commie provinces in east Canada that are allowing it, against popular opinion, just to satisfy a very small population of queers. I think it all sucks, and not in the blowjob sence.

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    gay marriage=HELL NO

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    The definition of marriage has a long heritage based on religion. Religion is against homosexuality and certainly does not condone homosexual "unions" (as in marriage).
    Allowing homosexuals to get married under US law is very wrong. It pushes the boundaries of what's acceptable to a greater extreme, sets the wrong examples for children who are the ones really affected (influenced) by homosexual marriage, and lowers our moral quality of life.
    Let them dress up as man and wife or whatever their fantasy is in their own bedrooms. Marriage is defined by religion and no religion I know of condones gay marriage. Homosexual marriage is not good for the children or our country. I completely support a constitutional amendment defining marriage as the union of 1 man and 1 woman.
    If homosexual marriage is allowed then polygamy should be acceptable and marrying one's pet (to give one's pet healthcare and other benefits) will not be far off. Trust me, there are people out there who would marry their dog or cat or bird in a heartbeat if they could - the same arguments the homosexuals are using to support their marrying can apply to all kinds of other scenarios.

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    Homosexuality is NOT normal, NOT a predisposition, and NOT acceptable in a civilized society. It is A CHOICE that an individual makes to practice a certain variety of perversion. It is not any less of a perversion than the desire to screw 5-year-olds or sheep, or to keep illegal alien sex slaves chained up in your basement. It is between consenting adults though, so we should leave it alone as a victimless crime as long as it's kept discreet.
    This mission to deem this perversion as normal and get it legitimitized legally and in the public's awareness has got to stop! We cannot extend any of society's rights to any kind of perversion unless we'd be okay with being sued for not allowing these folks to staff positions that would allow them to openly indoctrinate children. We had one of these faggots try to start an "outreach" organization at our middle and high schools a few years back in Havasu to supposedly help teens that were "confused about their sexuality". I think the guy was run outta town or maybe just back in the closet.
    These people have the right as Americans to live their lives as they choose, without interference from the rest of us.....Why can't they just be happy with that, shut up, and leave society as it is?

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    Originally posted by OGShocker
    What has me fired up this week are all the gay married wetbacks driving those big undertaxed rich people's gas guzzling cars to Albertsons to use thier foodstamps to buy name brand foods.

    Bastards! or Bitches! or Maricones! or...

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