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    ok I just can't figure out what's best in cylinder heads cast or alum. I understand cast can produce more hp and with alum you can increase the c/r just a bit higher because they disapate heat better. If cast is more ideal why is the majority of the engines being built using alum heads? The only thing I have narrowed at this time is the manufacturer, I am looking at Edelbrock, Pro Topline and World products(Merlin). I am building a BBC, starting with a 454 block gen iv, not sure whether to go .030 or .060 overbore. Also in regards to head selection what size intake runners will work best(310, 325, 345)? Thanks for your opinions

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    After reading the thread I have narrowed it down to iron heads for budget reasons and since I am not building a full out race engine the iron heads will do the trick. I am looking at the new pro topline iron heads or the merlin II. Anyone have any experience with either one.

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    Racers run aluminum heads because they are lighter and they can be repaired.

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    I have been looking around for heads to. Many people have recommended the 990 heads. i'm hoping i can find a set in the next couple weeks.

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    Another question relating to the heads. When is it recommended to use the inconel exhaust valve? and are they really necessary.

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