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Thread: Speaker question?

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    I am in need of buying 4 speakers for the boat. I want to use something around a 6" speaker either a component or a seperate.
    Can any one give me some feed back on a good size and component vs. seperate. I am just looking for a good loude speaker and to try not to break the bank. I have always used MB Quart in the past but am open to anything.

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    If you are going with a seperate system (i.e. seperate tweet and passive crossover), I'd stay with the 6.5" size.
    If you go with multi elements (that have the tweet and super tweet within the speaker assembly), I'd bypass the 6.5's and go with 6X9's. The reason is the 6x9 has more cone area (i.e. louder), generally will have more power handling capability (over 6.5's), and more mid bass.
    The advantages of a seperate system is the woofer cone is one piece instead of having a center pole protruding through the cone for the tweet assembly. You can make an arguement that a seperate tweet is also better in a car for imaging but I don't think that applies so much in a boat (open air environment).
    To me the best thing to look for is what product will give you the best sound quality with the most SPL at the same time in a boat.

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    If you have the room, I would recommend going with a 6x9 we ususally use mbquart or eclipse in the boats we do. 6x9's will give your more volume that 6.5's and will handle a little more abuse. (generally speaking)
    you can do something like this if you want more volume outside the boat. They are removable

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    Your higher ends speakers are built handle a lot of power and maintain good sq... Generally, round speakers provide less distortion ratio at higher volume when compared to 6x9's... This is why you see many people running multiple 6" speakers in panels vs 6x9's.... All depends on how loud and clear you want to be....

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    Sounds good so far.
    what is SQ
    Any of you guys know a good on line shorce to order some speaks.
    I can best execute my thoughts with some 6.5 seperates. I will also have a pair of 10 subs under the dash. I do also like the removable 6x9s in some boxes...

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    Most people don't pay too much attention to sound imaging in a boat, however I think it is important. If I was to redo the system that I put in mine, I would have opted for a tweeter that I could adjust as far as tiliting, etc..

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    Originally posted by FastTimmy
    what is SQ
    Sound Quality...

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    Hey Timmy I just fabbed up some removable 6x9 pods similar to the ones riverbound posted so you might not need to have a stereo at all I would listen to Roz on this as he seems to be the authority around here.
    this is what I have
    2 12" Kicker Comp VR subs in a large ported box
    powered by a Hifonics 1500w amp 1ch
    2 sets of Infinity Kappa 6 1/2 by driver
    2 sets of Infinity Kappa 3 way 6x9 1 in front 1 in back
    powered by a Hifonics 640w amp 4ch
    2 sets of cheap Alpine 6x9 in pods above dash for the sandbar or the backyard parties
    powered by a 400w cheapie amp
    I am really happy with the Kappas but I've also heard the Eclipses and they sounded good also
    Are you starting from scratch or do you have stuff already?
    I like Ebay for goods and ordered some today
    tru www.sounddomain for shopping links.
    BTW if you are gonna have someone put this in for you you might want to buy the stuff from them

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    Also I am really happy with the low cost Hifonics and Kickers
    Has anyone else used them before and would you again?

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    TIMMY.......YOU NEED TO! come down when ours is home and check out the FOCAL seperates we have. We have two sets of three way's ( one 6" mid base, one 4 3/4 mid & tweet's....times four) and two 11" composite FOCAL subs......Its VERY, VERY clean and will make you pace-maker skip a beat TOBTEK's sugjestion.....spend the LITTLE EXTRA money and get high quailty speakers......they will make your new system...period!

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