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Thread: Charged 502

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    I recently finished installing a Procharger M-1 on my 502 for a HTM i was wondering if putting a set of headers would help out much or if there are any other upgrades i should do allong with the Pro charger. I am new to the performance boating and trying to learn as i go. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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    not sure on a good match.. but keep in mind the noise law..
    good luck

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    If you don't have it already you will definitely have to invest in some external steering. For power, the 502 didn't have the best manifolds for power, but they were ok. A set of headers will help, but the question is where is enough. They will cost between $1500-3500 depending on what headers you go with and you will probably gain 10-15h.p. It is your call, but I would be happy with the stock manifolds.

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    Good exhaust can't hurt, are you using a carb or fuel injection?

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