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Thread: Who is getting sick of racism towards whites?

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    I know this is a loaded topic, but it seems like "European Americans" bear the cross for just about every social injustice that has ever happened in America. I am not prejudiced at all, but "Black Entertainment Television" offends me. Well, if you are in to watching a black comedian doing the same tired sketch on "how cool black guys are and how dorky and stupid white guys are", then I guess that's your station. I am sick of the govenment aid, welfare, social services and programs that tap into my taxes that will never benefit me. Let's cut all this bullshit that's related SOLELY on how much of a natural tan you have and just consider ourselves all Americans and all worthy of any government aid, jobs and life style based on how hard you work for them.
    Ok, I feel better.

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    Blown 472
    Ding, that is one of the most racist channels but yet no one says shit about it, If white folk did half the shit they do, there would be looting and all kinds of shit going down.

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    Controversial or not, Im right there with you. Well said.

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    Racism sucks.

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    ,,,,,,,,really wanna know what I think?

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    Originally posted by HOSS
    ,,,,,,,,really wanna know what I think?

    I think we already know.....

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    CA Stu
    Racism sucks, reverse racism sucks, too.
    I don't see where the color of anyone's skin should entitle or deprive them from anything. Why is there even a choice on governtment forms for race anyway?
    I have a good joke to post on this one, but it's long. Maybe later....
    CA Stu
    PS The way everyone is ****ing everyone else, we're all going to be one race in 1000 years anyway!

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    Originally posted by HOSS
    ,,,,,,,,really wanna know what I think?
    Tell us.. Hoss let'er ripp

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    Well Hoss if we said no would that stop you? didn't think so but I don't mind hearing what you have to say.
    I can't stand racism. I am going to say some bad words possibly to some but here goes.
    There is the guy that lives next to you, Okay so he is colored and there is the nigger that steals everything, sells/does drugs, works the system and cries about the man keeping him down.
    There is the hispanic guy I work with and the beaner/wetback/spic that is sucking my hard earned money through the government.
    There is the arabic guy that we are meeting for dinner and ther is the sand nigger/raghead/camel jockey that blew up the towers and wants to kill all things not Muslim.
    There is the guy I work with, he is white and then there is the scumbag that needs to get a job and get off welfare and take care of his kids.
    I could go on but you get the point.
    I like to just think of us all as Americans until you show me different.

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    I want to get in on this topic so bad..Because its so true..but once I start u wont here the end of it! ANd it just gets me infuriated to talk about it.

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