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Thread: Can anybody recommend a good mechanic in North Texas?

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    Hi, first time in these forums so forgive me if I'm in the wrong spot. I'm looking for a good super high performance motor mechanic in North Texas or within about 100 miles is ok.
    Got a 454, punched .060 over and stroked .125 extended steel rods, JE blower pistons, roller rockers, Weiand 6-71 freshly rebuilt, twin 800 holleys, etc. all the goodies
    Last year I took my boat to "the" high performance guy at Lake Texoma, boy was that a big mistake, the whole summer later and a "wasn't that the motor with the cracked block or piston". I finally pulled my motor from this guy, and took it to a suggested performance shop, to find out what I suspected all along, they did the full job on the motor, checked everything, nothing wrong, dude was just trying to milk me as I suspected. I guess he thought I was an idiot? But when a pull the engine/dyno and tune went from $1500 to $6500, it didn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out, especially when it was running fine, less one small vacuum leak when I took it in.
    My performance shop did the usual, new rings, new bearings, honed cylinders, etc, and put her back together for a fraction of the cost.
    Well anyway, now I need someone to help me get her back together. I don't have the time/facilities and need someone who is good and honest. I have no problem spending $$ as long as it's legit, unlike dude at Texoma... won't mention any names but it's "the" high performance shop up there, the only one I know of...

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    Don't know anyone to send you to but

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    Isn't that the truth Rexone? Man this guy, I thought when I walked into this shop, wow blower motors sitting everywhere, and I mean $30,000 plus motors, but I guess tha should have been my first indicator of his thirst for $$$.
    I knew when he asked to "everyone" if "this" was the motor with the cracked block or busted piston, and each time his employees responded "no" there was trouble ahead. Heck, everyone knows you can't always see those things but I was looking square at my motor along with about 12 others and I could even tell there was nothing major wrong with my motor, and the rebuild at the new place, magnaflux, etc proved it, not a bad pc in the motor, all they did was what you'd do to any motor that had been pulled apart, and needed re assymbely.
    I really think this guy thought once he had my motor apart and to that condition, the last thing I'd do was pull it from him, I'm sure too many times in the past, people just give in without getting a 2nd opion, and in this case, my suspicions were right on the button, actually I would have been floored if I had been wrong, but since it was running fine when I took it in I was pretty confident I was right, only to find out of course I was... this guy must work with a lot gullible people with so much money they just don't think or the let him led them around like puppets?

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    I'm pretty sure The Infomaniac is more than qualified for that job. If Oklahoma is close enough to North Texas. Otherwise I might have a suggestion.

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    Hey that sounds good, I'm kinda familiar with that part of the country? I've actually spent many summers on Grand Lake over by Grove and that area. I'd like to know more if you could, you can send me an email from my member info, is that how you say it? oh yeah, my member "profile" sorry, I just signed up two days ago but I'll get er figured out. Thanks for your reply!

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    I'm pretty sure The Infomaniac is more than qualified for that job. If Oklahoma is close enough to North Texas. Otherwise I might have a suggestion. I was going to recommend you since you wouldn't be that far away. But I thought it might cut into your boating time.

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