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    im new to this forum. just signed up yesterday. wonderin if anyone went boatin up in the st lawrence river in the 1000 islands near alexandria bay?

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    Wet Dream
    Welcome to the boards. Its a little slow in here with winter hanging around, but there was a mention in recent posts about the islands. You'll find someone that goes there before you know it.

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    sup dog welcome nice to have u along

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    I go to the river a few times in the summer. I love alex bay or riding around Bolt Castle....Lots to look at up there......

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    I took a tour of that area once years ago, toured the castle too,
    Beuatiful place.
    I would love to get back up there sometime.

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    yeah the river is a great place for hot boats. i go a bunch of times durin the summer every year. i like to hang out around lake of the isles.

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    nybadboy????? What part of NY are you from? Do you ever go to Onieda Lake? I spend alot of time at Sylvan Beach.
    What kind of a boat do you have?

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    fat rat
    Welcome aboard.

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    im from orange county and go up to the islands alot durin the summer but when im at home i go to greenwood lake on the weekends

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