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Thread: set up for an f29

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    Bear 54
    does any one have info or numbers on a set up for a new dcb f29 with 2, 525's with xr drives and how reliable it is??? thanks

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    there was a thread about the f29 a while back. i think the twin 496's ran 110, and the twin 575's ran like 130. i couldnt imagine that 525's would hurt an XR drive. great package deal, so i guess two would be twice as good,
    the 29's a bitchen boat no doubt...i hope this helps.
    my .02

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    My first suggestion would be to post this in the Cats & Tunnels section as it's far more techy and you'll have better luck getting the answers you're looking for.

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    When I stopped by the DCB booth at the boat show they said that as of that point they had not tested a pair of 525's in the f29. From what I understand, Dave is going to build the first one with 525's as his personal boat. I too am interested in seeing how it runs.
    As for reliability, no problem! That thing should run forever as long as you keep changing your oil and fluids. The 525 is an awesome package and there should be nothing to be afraid of. That is what I am going to go with in the new boat.

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