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Thread: New Real Sushi Bar in Havasu

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    For those who like sushi, Havasu now has a real sushi bar.
    It's called Havasushi (what else?) It's very good and I wanted to plug it because I hope it does well. I am a sushi lover, and as a local Havasupian, I'm glad we finally got a "real" sushi bar.
    (complete with Japanese sushi chef)
    I have been there several times now and it has been excellent each time. The owner seems to be very service oriented as well.
    For those of you who think you can only get good sushi on the coast, I must say that one of my all time favorite sushi bars is in Phoenix (of all places). This ranks right up there at the top.
    The location of Havasushi is just in front of the pool at London Bridge Resort. (Its where Taco Loco used to be). You can park your boat on the Kokomo's side of the channel and walk up, or park in one of the slips in front of Kokomo's, or simply drive your car. It has the same view as Shugrues but on the other side of the channel. Give it a shot next time you're in the mood for sushi while visiting our lovely city. This place will depend heavily on word of mouth because it doesn't have highway frontage.

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    I always wanted to open a bar out there and call it Havadrink.

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    good i'll try and make it in a couple of weeks when i come out

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    good viddels, i tried them out last week....derek

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    Havasu Luvr
    Damm competition ! ! ! Sushi in the village and sushi in the channel you got to love it me and the boys will hit it during our trip in a few weeks.... I think we will try Rod's????Steak house/bar/hole-in-the-wall????? seems to have good reviews.

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    wow i love sushi that is one of the things that i miss living here
    i will try it tonight. i hope it's good becouse low's sushi blows.

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    Havasu Cig
    Cool, My other 1/2 has been telling me for the past couple of years that we should open a sushi bar out there. We were thinking of the old ***boat Cafe location.
    I thought the business in the winter would not be very good though. I don't think to many blue hairs eat sushi.

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    Havasu Cig
    Originally posted by HALLETT
    wow i love sushi that is one of the things that i miss living here
    i will try it tonight. i hope it's good becouse low's sushi blows.
    The last time I ate sushi at Lo's, I got sick.

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    Three Days Only
    Looks like the wife and I are going to be eating alot of sushi in Havasu now. With boat close parking who could ask for more.

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    Salty Cracker
    Originally posted by HUFFPOWER
    WOW,just what havasu needed, whats next, thai, cuban, indian, vietnamese, chinese, it's the DESERT, you only need beef ribs, steaks, dogs and burgers !!!, you want that food, stay home in the big city!!!!!!!!! a little yard bird is ok, maybe a good salmon on the barbie. wait how about real pizza from italy, or good polish sausage, or real german beer/ brats, maybe we should transform havasu into l.a. or new york !! great idea.....:yuk:
    The way I see it is, There's nothing wrong with adding a little sushi to the mix of skin and horsepower on the water!!

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