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Thread: What brand of NOS set up?

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    Ok guys I know we had a tread about nos but I cant find it. I am thinking about putting a kit on my BBC after about 20hrs on the new rebuild. Which is a good kit and why? I see a lot of different kits but I dont know which is better(Nx express,NOS,edelbrock,zex)
    I am looking for durability. I have heard that the NOS kit is the best since they started it, but then again thats just an opinion. i am looking for an ajustable kit something like 75-200. I would like to start small then work my way up once I get used to it. Also, do I need to run a seperate fuel pump and fuel tank? that about timing? Do I have to back down my timing orretard it? I know I have alot of questions but I am just trying to figure this out

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    I dont think you can go wrong with a NOS brand kit super powershot system 75-150 hp.You are probably going to run a plate system i suppose?Probably under 400 bucks(i am guessing i havent priced them lately)
    I ran this kit on my jet boat that had a bbf 429 i ran the 100 hp setting it gave me about 3-400 more rpm and 7 mph was a simple install and was still safe on the motor (stock internals)I was spinning it to 5600-5700 rpm before pump blueprint then it went to 52-5300 same speed.
    I say go for it

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    For fuel pump any good one will do(holley blue,high volume mechanical,etc).If you are staying 100 hp and under your timing can remain(as long as you aint advanced too far already)If so you need to retard 2-3 deg for every 50 hp.Over 150 i would recomend a seperate fuel supply(or a nos only dedicated fuel supply)Any more HP than 150 internal parts become more IMPORTANT.
    Good fuel is a good idea also.If you normally run 87-89 i would go to 91 if you plan to use the nos(if under 150hp). Better safe than sorry

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    I plan on running 36 degrees total timing. My fuel pump will be a clay smith and my fuel will be av gas. so if I run a 150 shot what would the recommended timing be? My internals are tightened up by arp bolts and forged slugs hung on stock rods.

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    396, Don't forget to add the Marvel Mystery Oil to the AV gas. I had a buddy who forgot and his motor went away real quick! Just a simple reminder.

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    Hey badblown572, can you explane why you would have to add oil to av gas, I have been running my motor for 3 years now with no oil and every thing is fine. 12 lbs of boost and I did a leak down on the motor a short time back and I only had between 2 and 3% leakage and I do not have a intercooler.
    I can see running a little oil if the valves are not sealing real well.
    I used to do this on a worn out motor in an old ford I had to bring down the hydrocarbons so it would pass emissions.

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    If you decide to go with nitrous, you may need a quick release bracket for your bottle.

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    quiet riot
    I haven't had a problem with the nos systems i've used (really like the cheater for price/range of power.) Couldn't comment on the other systems as I haven't used another brand. 77 chargers advice seems right on track from what I've seen.
    so if I run a 150 shot what would the recommended timing be?
    My manual says 2-4 deg timing retard, octane booster and 1-2 heat ranges colder plugs. Just remember that this is all affected by comp ratio, type of heads, how close you are pushing the octane limit of the fuel you are already using, etc. Just play it on the safe side till ya get a good read on the setup.
    If ya wanna go more than 150 hp plan on dedicating a fuel system, adding a timing retard, and better fuel. You could run a cheater/bigshot plate setup on the lowest level, and then add the fuel/timing stuff later if you decided you wanted more without having to upgrade the nos system.

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    After having run stuff from NOS, CompuCar and Nitrous Express (NX) in my cars, I would say that the NX stuff is the highest quality.
    Because of that, we are now a distributor at work. Find your part numbers and PM me and I'll get you a great deal.

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