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Thread: ATTN Administration: The User "Tom Brown" is NOT Tom Brown from

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    Tom Brown, Inc. is a Denver, Colorado based independent energy company engaged in the exploration for, and the development, acquisition, production and marketing of natural gas, natural gas liquids and crude oil primarily in the gas prone basins of the U.S. and Canadian Rocky Mountains, and Southern Region.
    It has come to my attention that a Tom Brown has been posting on this board and misrepresenting our company, especially in matters such as bran muffins and duck hunting. Please remove him at once

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    That bran and cheddar combo has been heating my house for months......

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    I still don't get it !! go luck I guess/ think, free the real Tom Brown

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    Paul B.
    Praise God!

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    eat shit

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    Originally posted by HOSS
    eat shit
    Hey Hoss, don't sugarcoat it. Are you still in the chess room?

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    I finished that evening.

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    Tom Brown is a Duck Hunter! I like him even more!

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