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Thread: Six years ago today...

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    It was six years ago today my lovely Mrs. gave birth to our son. He is the greatest gift we could have asked for. He is more important than my next breath and I am a better man for knowing him. Happy birthday Mark John. He would rather shake your hand than give you five. He runs the length of our house just to give me a hug and to say "I love my Dad".
    This morning (5:00 AM) I was climbing into the shower when I heard him call to me, "Please come lay down with me until it gets bright outside, it's my birthday you know". So, I emailed my office to tell them I would be late and I slipped back into to bed. We got out of bed at 6:00 AM I made breakfast for the three of us and came to work. The point of this is simple. Spend time with the children. Work will be there when you get to it. I keep a picture on my desk of the boy and me when he was eight weeks old riding a quad in the high desert. I keep it to remind me just how fast time flys. They do grow quickly.
    Lastly, My wife will read this. I need to tell her in front of witnesses how much I love her and to thank her for giving me the greatest gift of all, our son. ILY!
    Thanks for putting up with me.

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    Good for you proud dad!! The world would be a better place with more dads like you.
    Happy Birthday Mark John.

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    That is awesome. Happy Birthday Mark John.

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    Tell Mark Happy 6th Birthday from the ***boat Gang

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    great little story!!! i have a 18 month old at home that means the world to me, and i can get caught up in the rat race sometimes and lose sight of my priorities..... thanks...
    and tell him HAPPY B-DAY

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    Doug H.
    Vey cool, i can totally repsect any parent taking time out for any kids

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    Awesome, that was the best thing I have read all week.

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    That is a great story. It is amazing how kids can change your life.
    I have one suggestion for anyone with a computer (which if you are on this forum, I assume that you have one!) Get two digital cameras, one for you, one for your woman and take lots of pics. Then put the photos in seperate folders and name them something like "Early 04, " or whatever.
    Then set your screensaver to go through those files. There have been times when I was sitting in my office on the phone getting pissed off at this or that and the pics of my two boys doing something goofy pop up and I would start cracking up.
    P.S. Happy Birthday to your boy!

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    Happy bday to your boy.
    Spending time with your little ones is the best thing ever. My old work told me to spend less time at home, seriously, and I told them to go F^%$ themselves. I have a new job now.
    Awesome topic.

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