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Thread: TJ Wrangler

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    Been having a rattling sound on take off and when first shifting into any gear. Sounds like a trani mount busted or loose but its ok. Exhaust rattle even but thats tight. Now all of a sudden today I can barely shift the thing. It never fully comes out of 3rd gear either. Chatter. Could this be the input shaft? Slave cylinder is fine and fluid level is ok. Can`t be clutch. Pulls like a mule of the line and through the entire power band.

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    Thought of that but I don`t see it rattling like this. The rattling has been going on for months under the driver`s floorboard. Nothing is loose and not one mount is broken/loose. It chatters in neutral. Still pulling! Maybe throw out bearing but why the noise in the floorboard? I`m thinkin` input shaft.

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    shifts. But getting worse way quick. Harder to shift. I have 66k on original equipment. I hope your right on the throw out bearing. Better than an input shaft. But when a throwout bearing starts to fail you hear chatter from the bearing at idle. With this its running fine at idle.

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    I thought of slave cylinder. This feels like synchronizers. If not mistake though they are not used on this model. Whatever it is transfer cases suck! I`m gettin` to old and lazy to be takin` down heavy shit like this. My wife better have a boy. A big one too!

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    Jungle Boy
    **** that shit Hoss

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    Yeah **** this shit! Transfer case carrying, long heavy ass mother ****er. Time to break out the torch!

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    WO! This is one hheeeeaaaaaavvvvyyy bitch. Took transfer case out and still can`t remove trani. What asshole would put 5 different sized head bolts in the bellhousing? And the top 2 are inverted torx!

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    Just orderred my CenterForce dual friction clutch. Now its safe to say, "WE BE GRABBIN`".

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    Dr. Eagle
    Sooo what the heck was the diagnosis Dr. Hoss? Was it the T/O bearing, clutch, tranny??????

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    Don`t know for sure yet. Ain`t yanked it out totally. Still hanging on motor(supported). My guess is the throw out bearing since its made onto the pressure plate. Found that info from Summit. I hope thats it. Will know this afternoon.

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