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    Has anyone ever had the misfortune need to use the such as the "Kwik Lift Trailer Jack" from overton.
    I now have said trailer jack which I got from Overton and would like to know if it is user friendly or is it a piece of JUNK.
    Yes, I now, I should have ask the question before getting one, you live and learn from your own mistakes.

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    That reminds me. I forgot I do not have one. Not even a lug wrench for the trailer. Been rollin the dice. Gotta fix that.
    Does anyone use the Extreme trailers built in version. Any opinions?

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    Havasu Cig
    I have not used the above versions, but a buddy and me were towing a 42' Cigarette and lost a wheel bearing near the Arizona New Mexico border. We tryed to use a "12 ton" bottle jack and it exploded. 12 tons my a$$!!! I wonder about ome of the ratings on other jacks after that experience.

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    I use OnStar. They call AAA and I get a nap. Works for this Old Geezer!

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    I have the ole AAA back up. Just want another option for my impateince.

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    I use a couple of 4X4 blocks of wood and a 2X4 block of wood for a ramp to go under the good tire on the same side. It works fine and it's inexpensive too.

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    Thanks for the info..............

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    Good to know since I end up carrying wood wheel chocks. I will add the 2x4. Thx!

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