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Thread: %$&%...I am out of here

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    and going to the river.....later

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    DOG...:yuk: :wink:

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    Originally posted by hd&boatrider
    and going to the river.....later have fun. Im glassin tonight see ya in a month

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    Originally posted by summerlove
    DOG...:yuk: :wink:
    What he said!:yuk:

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    Just got out here in BHC about an hour ago. If it doesn't warm up tomorrow I won't be taking the boat out. Very chilly and standing water in some areas on the side of the road. I wanted to run the boat around the lake a few times tomorrow but sssshhhhhhiiiiiittttt....even with a jacket it will be cold

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    We were up there the last 2 weekends buying a place, and it wasn't exactly warm. At least you missed the rain! We'll have to hook up at Lazy Harry's or Iguana's for a few cold ones. We'll be back up on the 20th to furnish the place and get it ready for summer.

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